Synths When is a musical instrument repair shop specializing solely in vintage synthesizers. We are located in downtown Toronto, Canada, and have worked on everything from Rhodes electric pianos to Polyfusion modular synths.

Need to get something repaired, or want to find out more information? Contact us! Please call or email before coming to the shop – we accept repairs by appointment only. We answer quickly via Facebook as well.

Phone: 647-300-5502

Email: repairs@synthswhen.com

Location: Unit B04, 87 Wade Ave, Toronto, ON

See what we’ve been repairing lately…

  • I lt3 Emu E3 debug PCB emulatoriii
  • Pulled the old Windows XP laptop out from 2001 withhellip
  • A wonderful addition to my test gear stack Thanks loriexaggerateshellip
  • Almost done the move One bench left to move andhellip
  • heartmom emulatoriii emu saveme
  • Shits getting real Two shelves done Two more to go
  • Version 20 is coming Same building New shop
  • Old MacBook Pros make for great hot air workstation baseshellip