Synths When is a musical instrument repair shop specializing solely in vintage synthesizers. We are located in downtown Toronto, Canada, and have worked on everything from Rhodes electric pianos to Polyfusion modular synths.

Need to get something repaired, or want to find out more information? Contact us! 

Please call or email before coming to the shop – we accept repairs by appointment only. We answer quickly via Facebook as well.

Please contact us first before shipping anything.

Phone: 226-971-1822

Email: repairs@synthswhen.com

Location: Unit B04, 87 Wade Ave, Toronto, ON

See what we’ve been repairing lately…

  • Yamaha YC45D double manual organ From the mighty Yamaha era
  • Just got this in the mail Its purrfect for the
  • polymoog minimoog memorymoog
  • Dont see these everyday  linndrumlm1 whatabeast
  • One of the ARP Quadras ready to go! Such a
  • VCS3 that was recased some time ago with speakers added
  • Eraseburnverify rare for the eproms to go on 106s But
  • New logo Thanks to curtonbummings for his awesome work!