Vintage Synthesizer Repair

Synths When is a vintage synthesizer repair shop located in downtown Toronto, Canada.

About the shop

Our shop brings over a decade of experience with vintage synthesizers to Toronto's music scene.

We handle everything from repairing and rebuilding to tuning and regular maintenance.

We are happy to help everyone from musicians to studio owners with any original or vintage gear.

Please call or email before coming to the shop - we accept repairs by appointment only.

Unit B04, 87 Wade Ave, Toronto, ON

Get on the wait list!

Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing higher than normal volume of repairs.

We really appreciate your patience and will be in touch when are able to take you in.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please send them to

Our Services

Regular cleaning and maintenance

Custom installs and upgrades (midi kits)

Complex repairs

Complete restorations

Synthesizers we fix

Including but not limited to...

  • Moog - all Moogs from early to new
  • Roland (early SH series to all Juno/Jupiter’s)
  • Electro-mechanical Pianos (Rhodes, Wurlitzer)
  • Solid State Organs (Farfisa/Acetone)
  • Korg (from the monster PS-3300 to the humble Polysix)
  • Tape Delays (Echoplex, Roland, Korg)
  • AKS (Synthi/VCS3)
  • Sequential Circuits
  • Serge Modular
  • Electro-Comp
  • Polyfusion
  • Eventide
  • ARP

Looking for something different?

We can help. We have a network of technical specialists in guitar/tube amps, monitors, mixers, and more - get in touch and we'll set you up with the right person.

Jay Lemak headshot

Jay Lemak - Owner and Lead Technician

Jay started Synths When over 7 years ago to help friends and musicians keep their gear running. He spent his youth climbing antenna towers, programming on his Commodore 64, diving into computer science classes, and getting his HAM radio license - all leading to his fascination with audio and electronics.

Having played keys all his life in over a dozen bands, Jay married his love of music and electronics by turning his attention to engineering and getting two degrees: Mechanical Engineering Technology and Electronics Engineering Technology with Honours. Since starting Synths When, he's repaired instruments for many international and local artists.

Want to take a quick tour?

Our friends at Synth4Ever came by to interview Jay and take a tour of the shop. Check it out to see the shop and get to know the folks working on your gear.


There are dozens of more testimonials on Facebook and Google - we are proud of how much our customers love our work. Check them out to hear it straight from the source.